Recent One.

Get Your Aspiration For the day

Start Your day with hope to learn        something,

>Judge your day by your efforts not by the results.

>Don't ever think what you have lost,
Look at what you are left with.

>You get Yourself,  The way you Desire. 

>Make a good turn, before bad makes you burn. 

>And Do not dream for outcome untill you execute your plans and get satisfaction. 

>Don't be your architect,  Be your scupltor.
Thinking only cant work You will have to work upon you to bring a good change.

Be insipered, get aspired
Stay motivated, stay you

Have You nor Nothing

I have nothing without you

No Blitheness, No Life,
No Life, Beyond you,
Beyond you, There's nothing for me,
I am Nothing without you.

You are my Heartbeat,
My Heart Beats out for you,
For you I can do Anything,
Anything asked by you.

I think about you in My Fantasies,
My Fantasy are you,
Your glow calls me for a Early Slay,
A Slaying beauty is you.

With you i want to start My Time,
My Time must end on you,
You are A Reason for everything good,
A Reason to write daily something new.

--Vichitra Attri


Trin tran trin tran like its tone,
Pick up the call before its gone,
Days start and end up to phone,
All are busy on whatsapp,  facebook,
from dusk to dawn.
Everyone is sticky to his smartphone.

One said:
See my selfie how cool i look,
I am going to upload it on facebook,
100+ likes i thought but i had got none,
Oh yes! My movie downloading done.

I am videocalling u all just susshh...
Buy a smartphone ur mobile is just fuss.

What are u doing if asks the wife,
Answer is clear,
Nothing my dear just maintaing my social life.
Coz of this social life
There is no time for
Children and wife.

After all, this,
I asked to many,
Can you leave your smartphone for a day,
Answer was clear and loud,

It's my World

My Populace
Nor just Frost,
Nor just a sunny day,
Sprinklers of spring,
Falling in a rainy Way,
Everything would be peculiar,
In the populace planned in my way. Nor a bright day,
Nor a usual dark night,
Dusky sun sleeping over stars,
While moon emitting a splendid light.
Everything would be prodigious.
In the world planned in a way. With its enthusiasing nature,
It will steal hearts of all,
Cats and dogs in the same room,
People living with a calm soul,
Everthing would gloom,
In the populace planned in my way. In the day, I think about it,
And visit it every night,
I want my this dream to come true,
And make a polulace according to my might.

If you want to live your life then, Love your life.

जिंदगी गले लगाले

अकेले हम अकेले तुम जी रहै हैं ,
तनहाईयों का कड़वा घूँट पी रहे हैं,
जीले जिंदगी को जी भरके,
नहीं तो बीत जायेगा ये समां भी,
और रुक जायेगा सब यहीं ||
Hug your life once baby!
Is'nt it the time to be crazy!!
Hm... जबसे हाँ तू मुझे मिली है,
दोस्ती की बात दो चलीं हैं,
तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ वो,
दूरियाँ सी बन गईं थी जो,
आज मिट सी ही गईं हैं,
ये जो खुशनुमां सा समां है,
तनहाईयाँ भी इससे डर रहीं हैं,
जिंदगी से हाथ तू मिलाले,
क्योंकि डर के अब तेरे सामने अब दुख ने भी यूँ हाँ
तेरे सामने है हथियार डाले||
Now please don't be so rude!
Give cheers all around dude!! प्यार से ये दुनिया बनी है,
पर प्यार पे ही आज अा बनीं है,
ये जो दिन रात खाली,
क्यूँ अाज भर से रहे है,
दो दिन ही जीने हो चाहे,
हो या फिर सालों बिताने,
छोड़ दे चिन्ताएँ सारी,
जिन्दगी गले तू लगाले||
I am asking something you say!
Why do not you life your life babyy!! ये गली हाँ ये चौबारा,
जिन्दगी न मिलती दोबारा,
एक बार अब तुझे मिली है,
तो फिर क्यूँ तू इससे अजनबी है,
जी भरके आज तू हाँ जीले,


"माँ" कहने को तो शब्द है,
पर जहां है इसी में है बसा,
गाथा मैं उसकी गाता हूँ,
कहता है जग जिसे माँ|
धन्य हैं हम उससे जन्म पाकर,
पर वो दर्द सारे झेलती,
विश्व भर की खुशियाँ लाकर,
हमारी झोली में उडेलती| ये केवल फर्ज निभाना नहीं,
है ये उसकी महानता,

संसार कर्जहीन है ,
बसती उसमें उदारता| परमेश्वर से भी महान वो,
कहता हैं सब जिसे माँ|


WOMAN I am woman, I am mother,
Listen to me every sister and brother,
We are the one who bring you to the world,
Then why are we thought out of this world,
Everyone is equal either daughter or son,
Then why we are killed when we are born. Give us a chance and see us then,
We could do everything better than a man,
We have a bit but a lot we want,
We are made for destiny,not just to chant,
As well we know to cook, we also know to fight,
We can also make our parent's name bright. Listen to us every brother and sister,
Keep a hand with us, nor imagine a world without mother.