Trin tran trin tran like its tone,
Pick up the call before its gone,
Days start and end up to phone,
All are busy on whatsapp,  facebook,
from dusk to dawn.
Everyone is sticky to his smartphone.

One said:
See my selfie how cool i look,
I am going to upload it on facebook,
100+ likes i thought but i had got none,
Oh yes! My movie downloading done.

I am videocalling u all just susshh...
Buy a smartphone ur mobile is just fuss.

What are u doing if asks the wife,
Answer is clear,
Nothing my dear just maintaing my social life.
Coz of this social life
There is no time for
Children and wife.

After all, this,
I asked to many,
Can you leave your smartphone for a day,
Answer was clear and loud,

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