It's my World


    My Populace
Nor just Frost,
Nor just a sunny day,
Sprinklers of spring,
Falling in a rainy Way,
Everything would be peculiar,
In the populace planned in my way.
Nor a bright day,
Nor a usual dark night,
Dusky sun sleeping over stars,
While moon emitting a splendid light.
Everything would be prodigious.
In the world planned in a way.
With its enthusiasing nature,
It will steal hearts of all,
Cats and dogs in the same room,
People living with a calm soul,
Everthing would gloom,
In the populace planned in my way.
In the day, I think about it,
And visit it every night,
I want my this dream to come true,
And make a polulace according to my might.

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